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Join the exciting online gaming community with a wonderfully wacky WonderKing, a delightful side-scrolling MMORPG romp. Created in the genre of games like Wind Slayer, La Tale and Maple Story, this free adventure game is very much alike the last one. It has a similar look and feel but delivers original content and promises a different adventure

free adventure game wonderking

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Rating: 80%

Game Review

A time of anarchy

Playing this free game is easy. You register and get an account from Bigpoint by clicking the play button above. You download the client and away you go. The game offers solo adventures as well as those you can play with players from around the world in combination or head to head.

wonderking game: enter the world

WonderKing is 100% free, and you pay nothing to play the game, which is a massive benefit in MMOPG's.

Choose a side... quick!

WonderKing is based on the clash of good over evil, with a subliminal nod to Christian religious myths. Valron, a servant of the God has rebelled and begun to unleash his horrors on the most beloved of God's creations, the humans. Valron wreaks havoc in the fictional land of Elsior, and terrified humans are looking for a hero to save them from the atrocities of Valron and his demonic minions.

In this free adventure game you can choose to be one of the four categories of heroes to take on the might of the evil forces. The charm of the game is in personalizing the hero who will do your bidding. There are many options to choose for your hero in every category, from gender and clothing to facial appearance and the colour of hair and eyes. You can either be a swordsman, a mage, a thief or a scout. Each has its own set of talents and fighting abilities. The character customisation options are of a similar quality to that of the cartoon creator options in ourworld.

Swordsmen are the soldier class of this world. They have incredible defensive and attacking power. They can also participate effectively in a group. Mages are more inclined towards using magical powers and spells. They can evolve into wizards or priests as the game proceeds.

The thief category is very interesting. They use their clandestine abilities to wreak havoc on Valron's evil monsters. They use specialised weapons such as claws, daggers and shurukens. Scouts are masters of the bow and arrow, as well as being good shooters. They can stay far from the action and yet deliver deadly blows against the enemy.

When you select each character you're presented with a detailed menu listing all their talents and point levels. The various criteria to watch over are strength, dexterity, vitality, intelligence, luck and wisdom.

wonderking free adventure game: master the game

Master the game and rise through the levels.

First steps in fantasy land

The first adventure starts in the beautiful jungles of Elgaill. You will get trained into how the game works as it puts you through the paces in the opening quests. You get a feel of the controls and learn to navigate around in the location. You bump into a few friendly characters and some evil creatures too.

The animation is simply out of this world making WonderKing one of the top free adventure games online. Its scenery is utterly creative and brilliantly designed. Although the characters are drawn in the anime style, they are true to life. Their actions are smooth and some of them even talk in real human voices. Some characters you run across in the game are rather colourful, from a drunk to a sultry vixen to a crabbity old man. They all have a role to play in this game. All you need to do is point your mouse, which funnily looks like a wagging finger, over the character, to hear them speak.

The controls and menus are very easy to follow and get a hang of. You can use the keyboard or a controller, which is very convenient. Pretty much using the alt, control and space bar is enough to zip through the adventure. If you want your character to laugh, cry ore express other emotions, you can use the function keys. You can carry up to 40 items in your inventory to start off. This includes quest items, weapons, cash and so forth. The interface is very user friendly and intuitive.

Requesting for Quests

Quests are the building blocks of this game. As you complete each quest you not only win rewards and skill points, etc., but open a new chapter in the overall saga of WonderKing. A helpful menu will guide you through the quest and there is also a record of all the quests you have access to in a particular level.

Quests are assigned by certain characters in the levels, and you need to complete them successfully to proceed to the next one. There are umpteen quests to complete in this free adventure game so you'll never be bored. The pace is sometimes frenetic as you work on more than one quest at a time. At every level you find more quests to accomplish. You can take as little or as long as you wish to complete quests. In the meantime, you can go around killing the nasty creatures and earning rewards and experience points.

Levelling up is not hard

You are rewarded experience points or XPs for every monster that you annihilate. Once you've completed 30 levels you unlock your first job advancement. Your character will be given some choices from this point on. Mages can choose to become priests or wizards at this level, and depending on their choices, can later advance to become a saint or a warlock.

The game's helpful interface also shows you where the monsters are hiding in the map as well as their levels. This helps to plan your attack moves properly. You can also see where the quest NPC's and merchants in that level are located so you can navigate to them to get what you want. You can also interact with other players in the open market auction house to exchange stuff.

WonderKing has several crafting features that extend the customisation to a whole new level. Crafting is useful in the areas of weapons and armour, as well as in alchemy. The item crafting system is also quite elaborate. By crafting new items, you can earn mastery points, which enable you to craft more items from a large collection. Different items can be combined by using the game's cooking system and even add magical properties to these. These features make WonderKing unbeatable in its class.

Partying in WonderKing-dom

The online gaming environment allows you to strike up friendships with other players from around the game. You can chat with them in real time during the game or even team up with their characters in a joint adventure. Fighting in parties is fun as you can battle many monsters at the same time, and each member gets many more points with each victory than when fighting alone. When it comes to battling the big bosses, you are advised to join up in a party of players to bring down those mega beasts.

wonderking game: fight sequences

Some of the fight sequences in WonderKing are spectacular

It's also possible to create your own guild of like-minded gamers. Most importantly, by using the PvP mode, you can challenge other players in a one on one duel. If the other player accepts, you are both transported to an area to show off your individual strengths.

The background plot of WonderKing does not match the feel of the real game. It is too serious and pretentious, compared to the frivolous, colourful and jaunty adventure presented to the player. Even some of the minions, although not all, of the evil Valron are too cute to appear menacing or maybe, that is a deliberate disguise. The anime style of the graphics and visual style is bright and cheerful for the mission of saving the world from the machinations of a disgruntled servant of God. Still, it's a fun free adventure game with a capital F.

WonderKing scores over its competition by allowing players to craft characters and go head to head with other players from around the world. Although it only offers four classes of characters to play with, there is lots of scope for this game to become the top ranked game in its category. It game make up is strikingly similar to the fantasy game Maestia making it a 2d cartoon copy of the highly rated adventure game. It also allows you cook up new spells and craft different weapons. You can also buy needed items from stores within the game, or from the auction house where other players bid with you. You can even set up your store if you have collected enough items. There are some premium items available from the online store for real cash.

wonderking game: the magical cartoon world

Enter the Wonder...King


WonderKing is without doubt one of the most exciting and addictive games in the MMORPG arena. It will amaze you with its eye-popping graphics, challenging game play, colourful characters and innovative quests. The customisation of the characters as well as the game systems put tremendous creativity in the hands of the players. With umpteen levels and hundreds of quests, the game will keep you engrossed for a long time. The ability to challenge players from around the world to compete is an awesome feature of this game. Although the storyline may be similar to many other adventure games, WonderKing stands apart from the rest in its execution and player involvement.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 9/10

Every frame of this cartoon adventure game is meticulously rendered with pleasing colours and realistic animation. The sound effects and music are appropriate to the action. Each level takes you to a visually diverse arena, which is cleverly mapped out. The layout of the menus and stats sheets is well designed and descriptive. The side scrolling is smooth and the action animation during the fighting sequences is perfectly executed. The characters speaking in real human voices are a nice touch. It brings a sense to reality in a fantasy world.

Playability - 8/10

WonderKing is easy to learn. The options of using either a keyboard or a controller are great. If you're using the keyboard, then there are just a few keys to master before you have your character zipping around and thrashing the evil monsters. The first few levels are instructive, and more like a hands-on tutorial. There's easy access to your character's skills and game stats, as well as to the inventory of things he or she picks up along the way. You will find stores along the way where you can buy more weapons, potions and other stuff that will strengthen your abilities to complete more quests.

Originality - 7/10

Although there are many popular side-scrolling adventure games available, WonderKing tries to break the mould by adding a few new dimensions. It has four new types of heroes to choose from and offers a lot of customisation features to bring out the player's own creativity. The other new thing about WonderKing is that it allows for player versus player challenges. The non playing characters in the game are quirky and entertaining. They add to the novelty of the experience.

Game Depth - 8/10

WonderKing has perhaps more levels and quests packed into a single game than many other side scrolling type adventures. Each level is created unique and is challenging in a progressive fashion. The quests get more complex as you get more experience playing the game. There are newer monsters to battle at each level. Your character too improves his skills by adding to experience points, and by buying better weapons. After achieving a certain number of levels, the player can unlock more challenging levels or go head to head with veteran gamers from around the world.

Addictiveness - 8/10

WonderKing incorporates the action parts of the game with its social aspects very well. It allows players to hook up while playing the game and arrange combined adventures by rallying their forces together. There's also the ability to chat with other worldwide gamers and strike up friendships. This adds to the addictiveness of the game and keeps players glued to a game of mutual interest.

Final Say

Whether you're a veteran of the side-scrolling MMOG format or a complete newbie, WonderKing offers a variety of levels and quests to keep you involved for a long time. It allows you to team up with online players and build real world friendships. The production values are amazing for a free online game. You have to try it out to see why it is one of the most addictive games ever played.

Final Score: 80%

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