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Maestia Fantasy Game Online

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It will be hard to a find a more comprehensive game in the fantasy MMORPG genre. Created by Roc Works and brought to you by Bigpoint, Maestia the shattered light, offers players a wide choice of gaming modes from playing solo to competing in the player versus player or realm versus realm arenas. With stunning graphics and fluid animation, Maestia captures your imagination from the first screen. It offers several creative options to design players, skills, items and spells. Each choice reveals a different but equally thrilling route to the heart of this thoroughly enjoyable game. This free fantasy game online offers enormous depth with thousands of distinct quests, and crafting systems that challenge your strategic and creative skills. All these make Maestia a uniquely addictive experience in gaming.

Game Review

maestia fantasy game title

Enter Maestia (The Shattered Light)

Welcome to a world of chaos

The background story of Maestia is very intense and permeates every aspect of the game, which is a great achievement on the part of the creators and developers of the game. The present state of pandemonium on the beautiful island of Maestia is due to Keledus, the dark lord. He has rebelled against Ia the once powerful goddess and taken control of this realm by brute force.

A huge island welcomes you to its futuristic world. Scattered about on this island are seven keys as well as magical runes, called Maestones. Your goal is to collect them all, so that you can enter the Isle of Heaven and battle the evil mastermind, Keledus. It's not going to be easy, with competing players vying for the same prize, and Keledus' monsters standing in your way.

Call to arms

The two factions fighting to regain control of this island for their beloved goddess are the Superion Guardians and the Temple Knights. You have to commit your allegiance to one of these two sides. You are entrusted with the job to battle the minions of Keledus who infest the island and terrorize its innocent inhabitants.

In Maestia 3d world fantasy game, you can create a character in one of four classes: Mage, Priest, Warrior or Ranger. Each has its own set of characteristics, powers and skill levels. Although you are limited in your choice of only four playable classes for the hero, there are more than 80 skills to learn, which in itself is quite a feat.

If you're inclined towards action-oriented characters, then you can choose either Ranger or Warrior class. Warriors are touch soldiers that can inflict great damage on their opponents and are also very resilient to attacks. They are understandably given the best armour and stand to win the most hit points. They also act in unison to bring down tougher monsters. They are experts at using a wide range of heavy weapons.

Rangers are also equally destructive but are lightening fast as well. They are adept at using a bow and arrow for long distance attacks, as well as masters of using daggers for close up encounters. Their alacrity and agility stand them in good stead in all combat situations. They are also great working in teams, but they don't get the armour or hit points of a warrior.

If you are more into spells and magical powers, then the Mage or Priest class is more suitable for you to play in the fantasy game world. Mages are by far the most talented in casting powerful spells on their enemies. Their magic can cause great damage all around. Their weakness is that they are not as invincible when it comes to close combat. They do not win many hit points either. Priests play a helping role to others in this game. They have great powers of healing. They can revive other characters and are very useful in any party. They also know some amount of magic, so they can hold their own in some dangerous situations.

Each of these characters gain experience and divinity points as they complete their prayer quests. With the divinity points that you win, you can upgrade your hero to higher levels, and get access to Maestones, character titles, more weapons and skills, and other items. The aim is to rise in skill and complete all the levels to become one of the 13 apostles of the fantasy world.

maestia characters

Choose from one of several characters.

Skills and stones

In this wildly exhilarating fantasy game, you collect the magical stones by defeating monsters. These stones allow players to access more skills. The game takes place in many dungeon-like environments. It also allows you to set the playing modes to easy or difficult, based on your skill level. You win more rewards if you play in the harder mode.

The magical Maestones embody the essence of Ia, the goddess, and bestows its powers on your character. It's also possible to enchant these and enhance your skills even more. Maestones can be both active and passive. The latter only are activated in certain situations. You can only use a specific number of stones at any given point. Choosing the right stone to carry is a strategic choice, as each has a different impact. Some will heal or strengthen your hero while others can harm or incapacitate your foes. It is possible to upgrade your Maestones by trading in three identical ones for an upgraded stone.

Maestones also have different effects on the two factions in the game. For the Superion Guardians, who believe that God is not necessary for humans to progress, these stones bring out their individual strength. Since the Temple Knights believe that God is needed for peace, the Maestones release divine power on them.

Unpredictable at every turn

The controls are not hard to learn and the interfaces are informative. You can move your character to any other place just by clicking on the mini-map. The interface can also be customised to your taste.

Because of the umpteen levels of customisation and diversity of variables in the fantasy game world, Maestia is extraordinary in its unpredictability. This adds to the exhilaration of new discoveries at every step of the game. Since all items have random attributes based on the class, their effects vary dramatically. For example, enchanting an item can sometimes have unpredictable results. Situations like the Altars and Unlock Scrolls are amazingly refreshing for this reason. A new item can be created by just picking any item from the game and inserting it into an empty stone. This recipe system allows the player to create advanced enchant materials or other items.

maestia MMOPG fantasy game world

Maestia brings beautiful scenery to the MMOPG world.

Proving your mettle in battle

The physical action and fight sequences in Maestia involve learning a lot of moves. The 3D game animation will keep you enthralled as you battle monsters and other enemies. The kind of weapons you wield and the type of moves you use, all have a bearing on the outcome of every encounter. In addition, the game also demands you to use your strategic skills to amass the right type of items for use in battles. You have an almost unlimited supply of skills to use, and you can develop the ones you feel are needed the most.

There are some amazing battle sequences in the RvR mode. You can participate in these in real time with players in your level from around the world to compete against. You can also watch these RvR battles without actually participating if you so wish. Some situations allow for players to challenge one another in one on one battles. You have to keep an eye on your Maestone powers as that ultimately decides your fate in these encounters.

Maestia gives you the opportunity to fight in unison with other players to defeat some of the most persistent monsters. This online collaborative aspect of the 3d fantasy game is what has made Maestia immensely popular all over the globe; just take a look at the video above for some stunning footage. You can unleash the player versus player mode for supremacy rights. The game includes a messenger system where you can keep in contact with other players for advice, tips or just for chatting.

Maestia has set out a system of goals for players to strive for. These are divided into short term goals, personal and guild goals. The more divine points you have, the more likely to have your name included in the rank list. Even a guild can rise in levels by accumulating divine points, to eventually get a guild hangout. This mystical tale unfolds in one of the most spectacular 3-D universes available in online multiplayer role playing fantasy games.


A wonderfully designed universe, addictive fantasy game play, several layers of adventures and strategic role playing, and an amazing range of customisation options makes Maestia probably one of the best MMORPG today and by far the best free online fantasy game to date. The developers have painstakingly incorporated features of online gaming that gamers around the world crave for and bundled this in a free, server based game for them to enjoy. The animation and graphic design rivals some of the best you've probably seen in top class games. With innumerable levels and quests, Maestia will satisfy the most hardened gamer, as well as delight the novice player.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 9/10

The production values of every level in Maestia are of top notch quality. The fantasy environment is meticulously designed, whether it is the dimly lit cavernous dungeons, the majestic interiors of palaces or the futuristic expanses of city plazas. The characters are life like and amazingly expressive. The animation sequences are fluid and use 3D enhancements to their full extent. The sound effects and music help to build the mood and place you in the thick of action. Every level is visually crafted to be uniquely different and is mapped out in an intricate manner. The menus and informative data are readily available and give key information at a glance.

Playability - 8.5/10

Being a vast and intricate game, it takes a bit of time to learn its controls. At the same time, Maestia guides the newcomer through its initial levels with helpful guides and menus. The character's movement keys are easy to remember, and you grasp the rest of the manoeuvres while completing the initial quests. The ability to choose the difficulty level also helps the novice player to learn the ropes, while veterans can raise the bar to suit their expertise.

Originality - 8/10

This game may remind players of other fantasy games and worlds in its overall approach, but the developers have taken this genre to a new level. They have added so many layers of customisation and choices that the game leads the player in unpredictable ways, heightening the excitement. The key items in the game, the Maestones, are endowed with unique features that affect game play as well as character skill sets. The options of devising your own weapons or other magic spells through its crafting system, is also unique to Maestia.

Game Depth - 10/10

Maestia has over 80 levels to compete in. Veteran gamers who venture beyond this unlock two new worlds to explore and battle in. Each quest pits players against a range of monsters and other opponents. The intricate nature of the game offers customisation choices for players that have repercussions on the flow of the game from the player's perspective. The crafting system allows players to create new items or infuse items with magical powers that they can invent. All this lets players unleash their creativity and personalises upon the entire gaming experience. Each character also has over 80 skills to learn and master. The variety of skills, weapons, stones and other magical items spread across the game give it immense depth.

Addictiveness - 10/10

Maestia has integrated a number of unpredictable features that are new every time you use them. Plus, some of the items use the randomizing system. This keeps players coming back for more, in order to acquire the best weapons, armour and other items in the game. Being an online game, you also strike up relationships with other worldwide gamers. You visit the game site to play as well to share gaming experiences with friends.

Final Say

Maestia delivers a gaming experience that is among the best in the genre of MMORPG fantasy adventures. The visual extravaganza complements the multiple layers within the world. The customisation options and crafting systems ensure freshness of challenges and storylines. The online nature of the game, along with its socialisation features, gives support to new players and encourages them to attain further heights in the game. With game play that extends to PvE, PvP and RvR battles, Maestia offers you an incredible opportunity to participate in a worldwide phenomenon.

Final Score: 91%

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