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Rating: 82%

Nightmare of the Pacific game is a hidden objects and role playing adventure game set on a capsized ocean liner. A thrilling cross between Titanic and The Poseidon Adventure, this game put you in the submerged ship searching for your dear family members amid collapsing cabins and rapidly diminishing timeline. Exquisitely crafted and produced, the game delivers a stunning gaming experience.


Disaster on High Seas

The Brooks family was holidaying aboard the Neptune ocean liner when disaster strikes in the shape of a mighty hurricane. Tossed around on the wild, heaving Pacific, the cruise ship turns over. Far from help, the vacationers scramble to survive. In the ensuing melee, the Brooks family is separated.

You control the character of the heroine in Nightmare of the Pacific game who searches desperately for her husband, son and daughter through the storm and the sinking ship. She refuses to abandon her family and jump to safety herself. As the sea threatens to completely invade the ship at an alarming rate, you have only a limited time to reconcile with your missing family members.

Seamless game play

In addition to the standard HOG routines, Nightmare of the Pacific uses many types of puzzles such as jigsaws, tile matching and finding missing parts of machines to make them work. These diverse plot points connect the storyline very well and keep you engrossed in your mission.

Nightmare on the Pacific game

The items you must look for in hidden objects scenes are listed at the top of the screen. If you have trouble finding something, you can use the timed hint. If you use a hint, you have to wait a while before it charges up for use again.

There are certain items you pick up in some scenes which come in good stead in some other part of the ship. You have to be alert about these things and carry them with you, as you never know when you may need them. For example, you may find a keycard dangling from a mast. In order to reach it you need a hook which you picked up in an earlier scene. Once you retrieve the keycard, you can open the door of a cabin to carry on your search. Such sequences seamlessly connect the various puzzles.

While you are still on your search, the ship breaks up as it sinks. This event damages most of the interiors of the ship that you had been through earlier. The graphics and scenery change appropriately to signal this devastation. The interface is very helpful as it will indicate your progress and the tasks to be completed.

Realistic Animation

The action sequences in Nightmare on the Pacific are realistically produced with smooth animation and good voice acting. The film like quality helps to deliver the life like experience to put you in the middle of the action, especially the upside down parts of the ship. The danger is ever present with water flooding into cabins and electric sparks flying around as broken wires dangle close to the water.

Nightmare on the Pacific screenshot

In your search through the ship, you come across some characters trapped under debris. In order to help them you may need to find certain items in other parts of the ship. These additional tasks heighten the pressure on you as a player.

You will be able to unlock an alternate ending as well as a cinematic prequel to the game if you play the premium edition of the game. The interface is informative and the controls are intuitive. The items you've picked up are readily available at the bottom of the screen. A helpful device is the in game diary that notes all events you've been through as well as stores a map. This tells you where you are, and your journey through the ship.


Nightmare of the Pacific game is an exciting adventure game that creates a realistic atmosphere and offers a good mix of hidden objects and puzzles. The game will amaze players with its seamless game play and a plot that is delivered effectively through cinematic quality visuals and sound. It's a tense, thrilling, time-bound adventure that calls on your best gaming skills to succeed.

Final Score: 82%

Nightmare on the Pacifc can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Mac - Download Now.