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Play On: Windows XP/Vista/7

Rating: 78%

Haunted Legends: Queen of Spades is a hidden object puzzle game where you play the detective and investigate missing persons in a strange and supernatural environment. The game is a mix of a spooky haunted mansion adventure and a bizarre murder mystery.

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Death by Supernatural Causes

The premise of the story is fairly straightforward, but the plot line is intricate enough to surprise you at several levels. The game starts off with you being assigned the task of investigating the strange disappearance of a number of people. The setting of your investigation is a mansion haunted by the malevolent spirit of a countess. The disappearance of the people has something to do with a hex she has put on the place, and you must discover it before you can find the missing people.

As the detective, your powers of observation and deduction are tested through a series of problems. These come to you in the form of hidden object screens and other brain teasers. You will come across bodies of some of the murdered victims. You must carefully examine the scene for clues. At almost every step you will collect some playing cards.

haunted legends queen of spades game

One of the keys to succeeding in your mission is to uncover the secret of a magical deck of cards scattered around the eerie castle. These cards and other special objects are hidden cleverly in the messy interiors of the mansion. The special objects will help you unlock some of the puzzles later in the game.

Diabolical Mysteries

It's important to keep track of all the things you collect in Haunted Legends Queen of Spades, as you never know which ones will help you at what point in the adventure. The inventory menu and a handy notebook are quite helpful in this regard. You also need to have a good awareness of the mansion's layout as you may need to backtrack sometimes to solve a puzzle you missed earlier in your journey.

One of the interesting puzzles in the game is figuring out the parts of diabolical contraptions that you find in different places. Putting them together in the correct manner bring these machines to life and take you further along toward solving your case.

The progress of your case is hampered by several counter attacks by the countess' evil subordinate, who will startle you with his sudden appearances. You also have to be extra cautious as you ramble through the mansion because you may run into dangerous traps set by the owner's curses.

haunted legends queen of spades screenshot

Superior Production Values and Game Play

The visual scenes and accompanying sound effects in Haunted Legends Queen of Spades are appropriately ominous to set the tone for the game. The game uses visual scenes and inscribed messages to reveal the story and offer clues. You can also hear the heroine thinking aloud her apprehensions and contemplations. The game efficiently uses realistic 3D animation for some characters, even though the overall game is designed in 2D.

You can play the game in Regular or Expert modes. In the former, the game play is easier as the Hints feature recharges faster so you can use more hints in a hidden objects scene. This mode also highlights the areas where you can find the items you are looking for. You can also quickly skip any parts that you're having difficulty with. In the Expert mode, the recharge times are slower in order to make the game a bit harder for more accomplished gamers.

Although the hidden object scenes and some of the puzzles schemes are similar in format to other games of this type that you may have played, the way they work into the story is what makes them interesting and challenging.

The game brings out the daring sleuth in you who set out to accomplish her mission in very eerie surroundings. It offers several hours of fun as you solve the puzzles and overcome the magical powers of the evil countess. When you finally piece together the mystery, you will feel an overwhelming sense of achievement.


Haunted Legends: Queen of Spades offers a new take on the popular hidden object puzzle game category. It will stimulate and challenge you with its investigative detection format, as well as thrill you with its supernatural storyline. With realistic visuals and interesting game play, it will keep you entertained for hours in a familiar genre.

Final Score: 78%

Haunted Legends: Queen of Spades can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.