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Food Serving game

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Rating: 83%

Prepare for non-stop burger making fun with Stand O Food 2 game! This sequel to the successful burger joint food serving game will bring you back behind the counter for more conveyor belt sorting fun. This time, a new challenge has been added in the form of new foods to make as lasagna and cake making levels are added into the mix. The world map has been expanded as well, bringing more challenges than before. Those who are already familiar with the previous games system will find that Stand O Food 2 has mixed things up a bit and taking on upgrades with an entirely new set of strategies. This game is more than just an upgrade of the original, it takes the series into a whole new direction.


We are still unable to wrap our heads around the idea for the kitchens of Stand O Food 2's universe, but for its gameplay value, we can do without the logic. More conveyor belts await players of this food serving game as customers once again pile in and it is your task as the waiter-chef to ensure that everyone gets what they want. All the while, players get to generate income in order to upgrade their store and serve even better products.

The game adds a new twist in the form of two additional store types: a lasagna diner and a cake shop. In terms of actual gameplay, both are quite similar to the burger shop. However the fact that the new spots bring in new ingredients means that players will have to learn whole new patterns for customers' orders.

food serving game play

Two new additional stores including the cake shop add greater variety to the game.


Once again, players get to go behind the counter of several bizarrely designed diners. When we say bizarre, it simply means that instead of a standard kitchen, the food preparation area is filled up by a line of conveyor belts that gives you the food all set and ready to go. All that the player needs to do is to pick up the ingredients in the right order (for a burger, you would need the bottom bun, the patty, then the top bun). More complex recipes would simply require more ingredients.

After a player serves up several waves of customers, the food serving game allows you to move on to other stores in the area. The game then takes a breath of fresh air as players get to try out a couple of new stores for the first time. In theory, the game still sticks to the old conveyor belt-based food making, but the introduction of new ingredients and recipes certainly makes for a good dose of variety.

When you get to move on from the first three stores, the game nudges across a much larger map, sectioned into areas with three stores each - which basically makes up for the layout of stages for this game. Overall, despite the fact that you do not have much of a storyline to begin with, seeing the larger world view of the places you can go is more than enough of a driving force to propel you forward - that and the actual gameplay.

stand o food 2 world view

In Stand O Food 2 there are many places to expand your burger empire out to.


Normally, a game sequel should have better graphics than the first. Since Stand O Food 2 game is a sequel, it is normal to expect that it should be better than the first one. However, the game does disappoint on a comparative scale. The visual designs did vary slightly from the first, but while the original felt fresh and inventive, the sequel looks a little lopsided and awkward. Even the overall stage layout looks over-done. The graphics seem to have been enlarged a few pixels larger (which makes it feel as if it was designed specifically for the visually impaired). While we do recognize the design decision as a way to compensate for the arrival of touch based devices (which our naturally stubby human fingers will need larger trigger spots for), the developers could have toned it down a little.

While the visuals may sound unpleasant, this is simply because we are comparing it to how well the original was made. On its own, Stand O Food 2 is still a pretty decent looking food serving game with average looking graphics. At the very least, the visual elements do not detract from the gameplay experience at all.

The audio is where all the improvement is at. Players will enjoy the all new soundtrack a lot better than the first game. We found ourselves bobbing our heads to some of the music and getting mellowed out by the relaxing sounds of the lasagna restaurant stages. Once again, the sound effects are pretty well integrated into the game - not quite noticeable and exactly how it should be.


For having such a simple game system, this title still manages to get players on the edge as the pace of the stages pick up pretty fast. In fact, the first stage alone can be quite unforgiving if players do not plan their moves carefully and a crucial ingredient (like the bottom bun of a burger) gets stuck behind a long queue of patties, cheese slices and top halves. Our tip for this is simple, grab everything in the line until the desired part, toss it in the spare plate, then right-click everything back into the original belt. So far, this is the fastest way to handle mistakes.

Stand O Food 2: Food Serving At It's Best

The game is quite unforgiving towards those that can't coordinate the lines of food efficiently.

Variety is always a welcome addition in any game series and Stand O Food 2 game gets the mix just right by adding in two new store formats: with cake and lasagna shops. While the two new stores feel a lot similar to the burger shop, the new ingredients will give players something new to keep track of and helps break away from the regular pattern of the game. Even veterans of the original food serving game will welcome the addition as a challenge.

Making good combo and stage runs seem a little easier in this game than the first, and earning money is faster too. The upgrades are still as expensive as ever, so expect to do a few farming runs in preparation for later stages.

Aside from that, most of the gameplay for Stand O Food 2 is reminiscent of the original version - which is not a bad thing at all. The first game was truly fun and exciting in a new kind of way. Despite the fact that the first game run well over a hundred stages, it seems cut short in many ways. Stand O Food 2 is a perfect game for those who have already finished the first, for everyone else, start with the original before moving on this one.

The Verdict

Stuffing burger patties into buns is not exactly the ideal way to spend the afternoon, but if you want a good food serving game experience, then Stand O Food 2 game has plenty of it. The new game does take a step back in terms of progress with the visual design, but the overall appeal still remains. While the volume of conveyor belts per store has changed, the rest of the pacing and gameplay elements have not. Even the old upgrades such as the jukebox and the toaster still work precisely as they did in the first one - which means that anyone who played the first can expect to be back in familiar territory. With its great mix of fun gameplay and simple control system, players will certainly keep coming back to Stand O Food 2. We give this game an overworked cook's 83/100.

Final Score: 83%

Stand O Food 2 Food serving game can be downloaded for the PC on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.

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