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Fast food game

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Rating: 86%

There's a new kind of fast paced gaming action waiting for you at the Stand O Food game! This perky little game takes you behind the counters of one of the most peculiar food joints ever seen in a video game. As several conveyor belts spew out random bits of food, it is your job to pile them up nicely to serve to customers. Not quite your typical way to prepare food, but it certainly makes for one truly impressive gameplay system. The game takes players in with its unique visual style, entertaining music, easy to learn controls and engrossing gameplay; expect to spend plenty of hours on this surprisingly addictive burger game.


There is no shortage of enjoyment to be had with Stand O Food game, this interesting little fast food game takes you inside one of the many food joints to take care of legions of customers. The task is simple, grab food from the conveyor belts in the right order and instantly serve them to the customers. It is an easy enough task to accomplish, but the game keeps on the pressure by making you plan your moves ahead - you have to strategically select which bits of food will be used first in order to open up access to the other ingredients.

For the most part, there is no main plot to Stand O Food, players simply need to run the diner as efficiently as possible. As the player progresses through the game, more map areas are opened up and players get to serve new customers, but for those looking for an actual storyline, be prepared to be disappointed. That aside, nobody really picks up a game like this expecting to read a good back story. Stand O Food game is a great game for anyone looking for a fun casual title to spend time on - in that regard, this is one of our top recommendations.


At first glance, the cartoony graphics and simple style of Stand O Food may seem a little familiar for many casual gamers. After all, most of the color palette and screen layout takes its cue from the many other casual game titles already out on the market such as Burger Island and Burger Shop. The actual game design however, deserves a little more attention.

The character design for the lead character (which the player controls) and the customers in this fast food game are pretty unique. These box-like figures look a lot like toys than actual living beings, which we really do not mind. In fact, it can even be said that the design choice truly complements the style of the game on a whole new level. In terms of visual cohesiveness, this game gets perfect marks.

As for the interactive objects, each conveyor belt can be clicked easily, and moving the cursor around to click on the Jukebox and other interactive elements is an easy task to accomplish even when you find yourself in the heat of things. One thing players have to look out for is accidentally clicking on the wrong ingredient when the crane power-up is activated (more on that later). For being both visually pleasing and efficient, Stand o Food could teach other games a thing or two about graphic design.

Fast food game play

For it's age Stand O Food is visually striking and refreshingly simple to play

The music for this game is slightly underrated - mostly because the main BGM itself is a little hard to hear. This technical issue is caused by the fact that the higher volume version only plays when the jukebox is activated. Having the audio change as a cue does sacrifice a little music pleasure, but since it keeps a strong in-game element in play it really is not something to complain about.

Aside from the Jukebox, the rest of the audio for the fast food game takes a back seat in terms of attention. The occasional beeps, clicks and whooshes from the conveyor belt, toaster, customers and other things that occur in game add nicely to the atmosphere but are really not that noticeable at all. Still we recommend grabbing some earphones when playing this game - unless you are discreetly playing at work.


Now this is where Stand O Food truly shines. This entertaining title takes most of its strength from the solid gameplay it provides. Players simply need to concentrate on a single area of the screen - no score points or stats to keep track of. All you need to do is keep track of the orders. The game's pace is simple. You start out with the very first burger joint, endure several waves of customers, accumulate money, upgrade and move to the next spot. As one would expect, the complicacy of the orders and the volume of the customers will increase with each stage.

Stand O Food Fast food game Map of the World

There are plenty of new places in which to branch out to in the game.

Taking orders is easy: simply take a quick look at the item that pops out in the customers thought balloon. Once you have that information, simply click the corresponding conveyor belt to grab the various ingredients that would make the item. Just take care that the items you have the picked up are in the right order, from the bottom to the top. Serve it fast and accurately and the fast food game awards players with accuracy and speed bonuses that increase the amount that a player can earn.

Do note what other ingredients are going to follow after you pick one up - it is possible to lose several precious seconds or even minutes if you end up leaving the last available bottom bun two item spaces behind. While mistakes can be fixed easily, the above example can ruin a good score.

Our recommendation is to stick to the buff and passive upgrades, this means investing in the jukebox for at least two levels worth (as activating the jukebox will allow you to earn more money) and also, spend money on the coffee machine as it speeds up your character. The large fan will give a large boost to customer patience, so make sure you get it before progressing to the later part of the game. The toaster is a good investment for those who want to earn more (but remember that toasted items will take a little longer to prepare) but do not buy it until you can upgrade it to level two immediately. Lastly, invest in the extra ingredients such as condiments and the box packaging last. While these do help, the other upgrades should be considered as a priority.

Stand O Food cooking game does help you out with the occasional power up. One of our favorites is the crane: this allows you to pick up any visible item from all conveyor belts -even those not in front of the queue. It certainly makes preparing orders so much easier and players should take advantage of those orders that require plenty of ingredients (a good minimum would be four).


In some ways, the gameplay elements of Stand O Food game can be broken down into the things that truly make block-arranging puzzle games so successful. From being able to plan on the spot about upcoming items to making sure that the patterns are in the right order. That, by itself is actually a good point for the game. Add to that other great things and you have a game that you cannot afford to miss. Stand O Food's excellent delivery, great gameplay and impressive visual style gives it a life of its own that any player could truly enjoy. We give this game a coffee boosted chef's 86/100.

Final Score: 86%

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Stand O Food Fast Food game can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.

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