Employ alchemy and spells as you solve intricate puzzles stars & ancient hieroglyphics

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Rating: 88%

Eternal Night Realm of the Souls game merges the quest driven adventure game format with hidden objects and other puzzles to create a thrilling adventure. Set in ancient Egypt, the game lays out a supernatural journey to link the land of the living with that of the dead. It captures the magic of Egyptian spells, hieroglyphs and astronomical studies to deliver a stunning gaming experience.


A Pre-historic Saga

Eternal Night Realm of the Souls breaks several generic moulds to create a game that will enthral you with its diversity of game play. The adventure is set in a fictional age of ancient Egypt, where certain supernatural calamities have gripped the nation. The sun has disappeared and the world is plunged into a perpetual darkness.

Desperate, the Pharaoh commands you with the task of finding a route to the Land of the Dead in order to find out the reason for the displeasure of the gods. This task leads you through underworlds filled with wraithlike creatures, doomed temples that had been buried for centuries, and a devastated volcano.

You find out that the Egyptian god; Set has captured Ra, the once mighty god. You meet certain wraiths and gods along the way who offer some help in return for your valuables. You must find a way to end the war between the gods, by defeating Set and releasing Ra from captivity.

Eternal Night Realm of Souls game

Intricate Game Play

The game sets out the tasks and describes the levels you need to achieve to accomplish them. It proceeds in a linear fashion and you move from task to task to achieve your higher story objective. In your journey, you will encounter Egyptian gods of lore, such as Anubis and Hathor. You will also stumble into a strange factory of the god Khnum where human children are being produced from mud.

Eternal Night Realm of the Souls game is well designed and interestingly structured. The interfaces and controls are user friendly to give a delightful gaming experience. An orb signifies each objective and gets checked when you meet the objective stated on it. You can make the game as challenging as you want it by not taking the help of the bubble menu. The hint feature allows you to sneak at a future orb's contents that help you solve the current puzzle faster. Although the types of mini-games are repeated, each one presents a unique test.

The HOG part is in standard format where you pick out objects from mostly dark and jumbled scenes. But don't think it will be as easy as what it seems. Instead of giving you a list of items to find in the jumble, you are presented with clues to figure out the items for yourself. For example, you may be shown a painting with missing objects, or even a three dimensional vase that you must rotate to see what are the missing pieces. By finding those missing objects within the hidden scene and fixing them into the painting or vase, you can move forward in the game.

Eternal Night Realm of Souls screenshot

Head Scratching Puzzles

From time to time your path is blocked by portals or other obstacles that can only be removed by solving tricky puzzles. It's a good idea to know what items you have in your possession that can be used to unlock these barriers. The game forces you to use different methods to solve its diverse puzzles.

In Eternal Night Realm of the Souls the puzzles are not easy to solve and have been ingeniously designed. They adhere to the historic storytelling, while forcing you to be creative in your thinking. Completing a task, such as making a flute with magical powers requires getting clay to form its mould and then finding a magic elixir that will unleash its real power. Some of the steps are intuitive and others are perplexing. Even the hint button does not directly spoon feed you the answer, but cleverly hides it in a riddle. All these tasks are immensely satisfying when you eventually discover the method.

The graphic imagery and accompanying sound quality ensures you are transported to time period depicted in the story. The art and animation is superbly crafted to bring out the richness of the Egyptian artefacts. The underworld is spookily lit and intricately detailed to deliver a thrilling experience as you navigate through it. Every realm is decorated with its unique environmental pieces. The multi-layered design of each scene affects the loading times of the scenes, but it is well worth the trade off.


Eternal Night Realm of the Souls is a wonderful role playing adventure with a good mix of hidden object and other puzzling mini-games that tells an ancient supernatural tale with style. The developers have not scrimped on the production quality and visual richness of the material. The challenging quest style and the surprising turns in the storytelling will fascinate even the die-hard adventure gamer. This is a must have game for those looking for something beyond the regular hidden objects games.

Final Score: 88%

Eternal Night Realm of Souls can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.