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Cake Shop 3 Game

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Rating: 87%

The Cake Shop series is back with its third and latest installment! Set right after the events of the second game, Cake Shop 3: World Tour literally breaks into new territory as you master the various cake demands and even more varied food cultures of different nations. If the graphics and the gameplay elements seem a little new, this is because Cake Shop 3 game seems to have a new dev team working on it. With its improved graphics, new gameplay style and even more stages to play, Cake Shop 3 is gearing up to be the top baking and cake game for this year!


In Flight with Cake Shop 3: World Tour

There's a familiar scent in the air, the sweet fragrance of icing on cakes and that minty fresh hint of a brand new game! Cake Shop 3 is officially out and this time, players get to take on a brand new way to serve cakes as they go on a World Tour.

The game takes its title quite literally; players will find themselves out of the usual suburbia-themed haunts and will be visiting all new places across the world. The first stop, a small earthy town in the middle of Mexico: filled with plenty of folk who are just hungering for a well baked cake and surprise, burritos! Yes, this cake game will no longer be restricted to your usual slew of cakes, popcorn, sodas and the rest of the staple foods that we saw in the previous games. Each step in this would trekking journey will have players make use of special kitchen devices to create food items that are unique to a specific country and culture.

New to the game is the introduction of seats, Cake Shop 3 game will now support dine-in customers. It is a little hard to deal with at times, since you will have to drag the people from the line and into the seat. Still, people who inside the store are going to order more items and will leave a tip (if you serve them fast enough), which means that those with good hand eye coordination can expect to rake in plenty of points for these.

Another thing we noticed about the third CS game is that the graphics have been vastly improved. In fact, the proper term might as well be a re-invention of the original. The game no longer uses those oddly shaped and cartoony characters that we saw in the previous titles, Cake Shop 3's customers are now well proportioned folk of various countries. The game makes use of 3D characters in order to provide a very realistic appeal to the way the customers are animated. What works amazingly well for a game of this caliber, is that by converting the 3D animations into a series of sprites, the game is able to achieve a very high quality of animation without sacrificing game performance that would have been otherwise consumed by the graphics. While this is not an issue for anyone with a strong gaming rig, most of Cake Shop's players are casual gamers with mid-range devices and in that regard this design decision deserves plenty of credit.

cake shop 3 game features

Cake Shop 3 is a much more polished and aesthetically pleasing cake game

It is easy to see early on in the game that the Cake Shop 3 game is truly taking the series to a whole new level, the only question now is whether this direction is good or not. For one thing, while the game does share many visual and gameplay elements with the original, there is something that is distinctively different with the pacing and feel of the controls. While Cake Shop 3 download is certainly an improvement, there are also plenty of things we liked in the older titles that fans will certainly miss.


A quick narrative at the very start of the game shows players that the efforts of the lead character in Cake Shop and Cake Shop 2 have finally paid off and they are now the leaders of a whole new cake industry. As a plane carrying a banner that celebrates the opening of the newest Cake Shop branch flies by, we get a quick peek at the impressive store and the fruit of all the hard work that was made in the original games.

But the time to celebrate is cut short as one of your executives tell you that this is the perfect time to expand to the global market, and the next thing you know, you are on a plane heading to Mexico. Despite the fact that you have the power of a cake industry conglomerate, the game takes an unexpected turn: players have to build their global cake domination stores from the ground up. Fortunately, each country provides you with your own personal contact and more importantly, a small baking store to work with. Not exactly all that ideal considering that the buildings tend to be quite run-down and dilapidated, but it is nothing that a few days' worth of earnings could not fix.

cake shop 3 goes global

Cake Shop 3 goes global!

The assistants also provide the player with insight and information about the various customers that come in. While their tips should be taken note of in this cake game, players should be aware that not all customers will behave in the predicated manner. So better hold off on making that extra soda just because a unique character came in - there is a possibility that they might even order something that the guide said they would never eat. Aside from giving you an idea of who the customers are, these guides give you a quick idea of the town you are in and what kind of people live in that country.

As players progress through the stages and continue to improve their stores, the residents will acknowledge your contribution and tell you that it is time to move on to a new country for more cake crusading adventures. It may sound like a thankless job at first, but the delivery makes the experience quite rewarding, and playing the role of the miraculous cake chef who can prepare so many cakes so easily gives players the constant drive to get moving forward to the next country.

In terms of depth, this storyline is pretty shallow. No plot twists and no major game decisions will affect the outcome of the game. For a cake game however, that is not something to be concerned about, after all, the main point of this title is the baking of cakes!


Cake Shop 3 Download shines best when it comes to the graphic upgrades. And there are plenty of those in this cake game. As we mentioned, the customers are well detailed. Considering that there are around 5 countries to visit and each location has their own set of locals, the details are certainly fascinating to see. Most of the customers are wearing outfits that depict the local garments or the stereotypes of the culture (but none in an insulting way), which helps build the ambiance of the location.

cake shop 3 cake baking goodness

Attention to detail is clear to see in the different customers you come across

The animation is top notch, every sway and step of the characters are nicely made and the way they fidget around as they wait provide the game with a lot of life. We did notice a couple of slight inconsistencies that did bother us. The first is the way that the dine-in customers eat. Despite all the details that have been put in, the dishes are not shown on the table. Instead, we are treated to a bizarre form of play acting in which customers pantomime the act of eating invisible food.

The second thing we noticed is the way that the customers go limp when you "pick them up" in order to bring them to their seats. After all, we are to assume that the action being done is that we actually lead these fine folks to their chairs; as opposed to picking them up by the neck like a stray cat. The invisible food eating animation is something we can ignore - considering how frantic the game gets early on. But as for the limping frames, that is just too weird and the fact that we see it whenever we bring a customer to a table makes it much harder to forget about.

These two issues aside, the character animations in Cake Shop 3 game top-notch. So well made are the animations that the cake game places a high standard for many other games in the genre. As for the on screen and interactive elements, the amount of animations are significantly lower. The popcorn, soda and other food processing machines simply sit there and shake a little (or some have lights that blink on and off, while the drink machines simply show an animation of the coffee or soda being poured). For the most part, that is as much animation as one can get from these things, and the way that they are rendered with the lights and shadows are also quite real and lifelike that they fit in with the rest of the visuals.

cake shop 3 screenshot

A screenshot showing your magnificient cake store from the outside

The cake shops themselves look pretty good. Players might notice that the superficial store upgrades only affect the outside of the shop, as the stores look quite well made internally. This does get a little confusing - especially at first when you are running a run-down shack in Mexico, but as the game progresses, the player will get used to it. Speaking of the store upgrades, they are actually good to look at. Aside from the fact that the upgrades will help increase ratings (and therefore, tips), players will be inspired to save up for these just for the sheer sight of being able to see the cake shop in all of its glory.

The menus have taken on a very futuristic look, with all the highlight effects and blinking colors. It does get a little distracting at times but overall, it still manages to be a part of a cohesive design structure in the game.

Cake Shop 3's music has certainly changed a lot, and brings to players the new themes that are inspired by the various locations of the cake game. The Mexico stage promotes plenty of that mariachi style riffs while the second stage, Italy reminds us of the kind of music you would expect to hear while riding a gondola. While thematic, the BGMs do little to add to the atmosphere. This is likely due to the nature of the game which requires players to focus their hearing on other audio cues as opposed to an actual fault in the part of the developers.

Speaking of the audio cues, this is something that players need to focus on. Each beep and slush of the various machines in the game is real and lifelike. If you are used to hearing some of the sounds in your own home, you might end up ignoring them. Better tune up the SFX volume in the game options early on.


Cake Shop 3's gameplay sticks to the original formula of the series and plays nicely on most setups. However, what we did notice was that the controls seemed a little unresponsive on some computers - which can be an issue for those who play on netbooks and similar hardware. If you love to play games while alternating between your document editor and web browser, this game will show signs of significant slow down due to resource issues. On the other hand, running the cake game by itself takes a little less toll on the computer. Our recommendation for fans of the series: play this on a decent desktop rig instead.

Much like the original Cake Shop games, Cake Shop 3 game will present players with a few easy stages to begin with. First time players of Cake Shop will want to take this chance to get a hang of the game while those already familiar with the game mechanics can easily skip ahead. The only new addition to the game is the dine-in option. While it is not that hard to understand, those who skipped the tutorial should know that the customers have to be dragged to chair (unlike having to be clicked just once as with the food items). The rest of the game however, is quite intuitive and easy to understand. Those who have played other cooking games will easily identify some of the game mechanics being used.

In every country that you visit, the layout will change. This means that the path of the conveyor belt, the location of the seats, the arrangement of the kitchen machines and even the counter will be changed after each leg of the game. If you rely on position based strategies, then you will need to come up with new ones every now and then. For the most part, the game will require players to adapt quickly to the changing locations.

Each store will have its own set of facial upgrades. These do not directly affect your cake-making procedures, but upgrading the store does increase the star rating. The higher your ratings are, the bigger tips you can get and more importantly, the more tools become available for purchase.

Preparing cakes has been made a lot easier. While the other two games required picking up the right order of cake layers, Cake Shop 3 game will automatically rearrange the cake layers you picked up into the desired layout of the customer. This means that if the customer requested brown-green-brown and you picked up the green layer first, you can still pick up two more brown layers and the game instantly fixes it for you. This however, does not apply to orders that require the use of tools that change the shape of the cake. Once you are able to get a fruit tree upgrade, you can place fresh fruits on top of the cakes you serve as well. Do note of the locations for these trees, in some stages, they blend in with the store design.

Getting used to the tools in your kitchen takes a quick understanding of how each item works. In general, the tools will require you to pop something in and simply wait for the food to be processed. For the soda machine, coffee maker, popcorn machine and ice cream machine, players will simply have to pop in the appropriate container from the conveyor belt (soda cups, coffee cups, ice cream cones and popcorn boxes). Most of the tools can be purchased as long as you have the money. Some however will require a specific star rating so investing in your store's facade will also be required. One tip we have when using these devices is to pick up an empty container prior to picking up a ready order. This means that when you serve one, another will start getting prepared. The great thing about these tools is that once you purchase them in any country, you get to take them with you into the next stage.

cake shop 3 gameplay

Managing all the different tools in the kitchen will take some practice

Another item you get to bring along is the cake shaping device that we mentioned previously. After grabbing three cake layers, you can toss a cake into the molding machine and it will pop out in a different shape (not really the most logical device in the game, but it is fun to use). Like the other tools, you can have another three layer cake in hand before you pick up a re-shaped cake. This will swap the position of the two items. While this technique will save time, be careful not to click on the machine when you are holding a standard circular cake that a customer wants.

Speaking of customers, the game will give you a quick introduction for every new type of person that comes to visit the store. While there are some interesting notes about the eating habits for the customer, do note that these do not always come into effect so it is still best to wait and see what they order from the menu prior to preparing extra items ahead of time. Simply keep your machines stocked with at least one of each item and have the display table free - after all, you might still need the space when handling the rest of the orders.

Players should know that there are special country-specific kitchen machines. These devices allow you to create special dishes unique to the location (burritos for Mexico, pizzas for Italy, etc). And with five different countries to visit, that is five different purchases. Players should note that you cannot bring these with you when you leave the country. This means that it will be a lost upgrade investment. For those who simply want to finish the Cake Shop 3 game, these devices are not that important, for completionists however, they are crucial. A good lot of the achievements will require the use of these special devices. They also make for a strategic purchase since they open up some well-priced orders early in each stage (since they usually require only one star rating).

The in-game cake achievements are truly something that players should work for. Not only does accomplishing the tasks award you with some bragging rights, all achievements also provide players will some much needed cash points. Some of the easier tasks will award you with 10 to 20 points, some will provide up to 100. While it is likely that a player can complete the list in the course of a single playthrough, grinding the bonuses early in the cake game will net you some much needed advantage later on.


Cake Shop 3 is, by itself, a really fun game to play. The straightforward delivery and the simple to understand gameplay will certainly appeal to many fans of the baking game genre. However, in terms of being a sequel to two already well made titles, there are plenty of issues that make us raise our eyebrows on this one. Fortunately, most of the issues revolve around the actual gameplay and feel of the game; and for the most part, the Cake Shop 3 game still provides an enjoyable game experience.

As we mentioned, the graphical upgrades to the series are quite noticeable and easy to appreciate. The scale of content that has been added comes close to making this title a whole new game. If you were not a fan of the original two Cake Shop titles, you might give this one a try. At the same time, die-hard fans of the first two will certainly be disappointed about many of the changes that have been made.

In so many ways, taking on an existing series and creating an all-new sequel is a risky business - especially if it is the third game in the set (since most cohesive continuities prefer trilogies) and people normally do not expect any massive changes until the fourth. Still, Cake Shop 3 download has managed to come out beautifully, not just in terms of visuals and sounds either. The gameplay is rich and is now more strategy oriented (as compared to the more straightforward fast clicking pace of the previous games) which players will certainly come to love. We give this game a hungry soccer player's 87/100.

Final Score: 87%

Cake Shop 3 can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 - Download Now.

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