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Burger shop game

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Rating: 85%

When a mysterious mechanical blueprint appears before you, what do you do? Build it of course! And thus begins the story of Burger Shop. This time management game places you in control of a diner with a newly assembled BurgerTron 2000, which is basically some sort of a robot chef that can create fast food entrees in a snap. Your task is to sort out all the buns, patties, sodas, fries and all other tidbits that BurgerTron is producing to suit the needs of your customers. It sounds easy enough, but as your Burger Shop becomes for more successful, the challenge of keeping up with the demand will keep you on your toes. Prepare for one of the most fast paced burger game experience you can ever have!


Right off the bat, we will tell you that this is one of the most unimaginative titles we have ever seen, literally. "Burger Shop" gives players the wrong idea of a lackluster, flash based, amateur game that will only be good for about ten to fifteen minutes of playtime. In reality however, this is one game that people would not want to pass up.

Burger Shop game opens with one of the oddest premises that we have ever seen in a video game: you wake up and out of nowhere, you have a bunch of blueprints and instructions in order to build "something". At the end of it, you suddenly have a machine capable of making plenty of fast food products and a dream to make it to the top of the industry. The game then takes you on the road from one diner to another, upgrading your abilities and cooking skills on the way up.


As we stated above, the lead character (you), find yourself with plans and instructions in order to build a device. However, in the process of actually building the thing, plenty of money and resources have been spent. By the end of the day, all the player has is a diner, the BurgerTron 2000 and the dream of building a large fast food empire.

The BurgerTron 2000 is the perfect buddy for this task, it makes all the food and even the packaging needed for the products. The only thing that the player needs to do is to arrange them all properly to serve. It even upgrades on its own, no need to invest previously earned cash in order to buy new parts.

There is plenty of mystery behind the machine itself in this burger restaurant game, such as its origin, which does not get revealed until much later in the game. One of the first bizarre things that will happen early on is when the player finishes the first leg of the game (the diner stages). Here, an event will show you how the original BurgerTron 2000 is able to create a second BurgerTron. Truly bizarre indeed, but it is what helps your character expand to the next stages and also, later events are far more twisted still.

burger shop game play

In many ways, the story for Burger Shop game is surprisingly satisfying. Nothing too deep to distract from the game but still engaging enough to add to the curiosity factor and get players moving from one stage to the next.


Both the music and the visuals for Burger Shop are substantially improved as compared to other casual game titles. Nothing too fancy in terms of animation, but the way the game is presented makes you feel a sense that this is one whole game as opposed to a bunch of assorted interactive elements thrown together.

The store, where players will be for most of the game, is nicely rendered. From the front counter to the back wall, all the details share the same visual style. Even a highly upgraded BurgerTron packed with all the side features (ice cream, drinks, and fries) looks pretty much at home at your diner. All in all, the elements work great as a whole. Nothing drastically mind blowing with quality, but still impressive enough to know the devs have invested enough resources to ensure that this is one game will provide you with serious fun.

As for the music, it is surprisingly catchy. That may differ from person to person of course, but the good thing is that the overall effect is that it makes the game more enticing to those playing it. While the Burger Shop game could use a few more extra tracks for variety, the overall effect that the BGM gives coincides well with the pace of the gameplay. As for the sound effects, the combination of the various beeps and clicks of the BurgerTron and the buzz of the crowds gives the game a pretty hearty sense of liveliness.


Once you get into the first stage, a quick introductory tutorial will give you a heads up on the basic game controls. For those who have already played time management titles, there is very little that is new here: wait for the customer to make an order, then prepare it, serve and earn. It is a simple enough concept and knowing that the conveyor belt moves forward with each click makes for some strategic planning especially when making burgers that use up more than three layers.

burger shop screenshot

One new addition to this game however, is the use of the right mouse button. With a single click, this will send any correctly prepared item into the earliest order available. This will save you a lot of time from having to move up and down from the counter to the preparation areas, which is a major time saver especially for trophy collectors. Though players should take note that this can mess up with priority orders. Some customers lose patience faster than others, even if they come in later. Remember that in this case, the best thing to do is to manually click the order balloon.

Every stage that progresses merits the player an additional degree of difficulty. So it is to one's advantage to choose the least challenging upgrade for the BurgerTron. Our tip is to prioritize that extra platform at the end of the belt (for holding wrongly clicked items), and one of each upgrade for fries, drinks and ice cream. Food add-ons (such as cherry toppings) are second on the list since they do not mess up the queue. For special bonuses, the cookies are a great investment, and so is the little robot helper for the later stages (let it handle the orders with four items).

The Verdict:

Thanks to the quirky storyline, well made graphics, easy to master controls and inventive use of the right mouse button, this game has quickly become one of our favorites. Those interested in the game might also want to know that the sequel is already out and both titles are on our must-have list.

Burger Shop game has been able to take a simple formula, improve on it and deliver a game experience that is absolutely satisfying and rewarding. Knowing that there is a sequel is a great reason to finish this little gem of a title till the end. We give this game a self replicating robot's 85/100.

Final Score: 85%

Burger Island can be downloaded for the PC on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Mac - Download Now.

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