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Burger island game

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Rating: 86%

An intense recipe memorization challenge awaits those who step into the Burger Island! If you can manage the precision timing and fast pace of the demands for a burger shop in a tropical island, then you have what it takes to get to the top of this game. The controls are simple to master and the game looks easy on the eyes, but get past the first few rounds and you will realize that this is not your typical time management game. The customers on Burger Island may be patient, but the food cools off quickly and you have to mind how to order the ingredients. Expect plenty of frantic fun in this little tropical burger frying escape!


When you are a nicely tanned gal out in the tropics, what better way is there to make plenty of money than to sell perfectly fried burgers and fries? Burger Island takes you behind the counter for a several rounds of the most frantic and fast paced burger cooking action we have ever seen. Aiding you in taking care of countless and faceless hungry customers is the unlikely choice of what seems to be a French maître who will give you the orders, and will be the one to automatically pack up and serve the food you prepare.


As you might expect, the general premise of this burger game is simple: you are taking care of a small and "run-down" burger restaurant. At this point, we will simply assume that the place has been run down from the lack of profit due to the fact that it does not have a chef. Patty, our ever-eager lead character straps on an apron (or whatever she wears, she stays off screen for the most part) and needs your help in order to serve all the various orders that the customers demand.

The area of Mount Tikkola Beach seems to be quite festive and lively, and the fact that customers start streaming in by the droves from the start shows that the burger restaurant would have been fine without Patty if Pierre could handle the task of both cooking and serving. Yes, there is something a little silly about the fact that you easily slide into the position of a cook and have the head waiter give you a tutorial on how to make the food. One even has to wonder why Pierre simply did not take on the task of cooking and simply hired a waiter or waitress instead. But you can brush all these little details aside once the game gets in play. Despite the fact that Pierre is the only character you get to see most of the time, the game still manages to draw players into the world with its subtle visual elements and engaging gameplay.


As we just said, the best things about the game's visual elements tend to be subtle. From a gameplay point of view, this is actually a bit of a downer as figuring out which burger patties are done or which fries have been cooked properly becomes something that a player would need to invest a few extra seconds doing. Sure, a quick visual alarm and an audio cue will tell you that one of the items is ready for serving, but when you are busy figuring out the order of cucumber and cheese slices to add into the orders, these signs can slip you by. Still, one cannot help but think that this is a deliberate design consideration from the developer in order to increase the challenge of the game.

On its own, the visuals are quite impressive. Sure, Pierre truly stands out of place in the restaurant, but the overall composition is not without its own charm. From the interactive elements such as the ingredients to the light animations of the food cooking, and people eating, there is plenty to appreciate with your eyes. While the customers do not directly talk to you, you get to see them in the background sitting in one of the many chairs and enjoying your cooking.

burger island game play

Patty is a pretty charming lead character herself, with that signature tan and her stylistic form she looks more of a beach-side fashion mascot more than a game character. Sadly, you will not get to see much of her in most of the game itself - which plays from one of the oddest perspectives in a game. Patty stays near the bottom of the screen, occasionally glancing up at the player to show varying expressions on her face ranging from delighted to hysterical.

The music for Burger Island is something to love. It plays well into the theme of the game and adds to the atmosphere of the location. The only thing we could ask for are more catchy tunes - as nice as it is to listen to the BGM, trying to remember what they sound like after you switch off the game is difficult. The sound effects of this game are crucial -especially when it signals that something is done cooking. This is important as ingredients can get overcooked if you leave them on the fryer for a long time.


We said it before and we will say it again, this game is frantic - but in a fun sort of way. The orders have a way of piling up if you do not plan how many batches of fries or patties you will cook at a given time. A good rule of thumb is that as long as the time shows that the restaurant will still be open for the next five seconds, it would be a good idea to toss in an extra patty into the fryer (or fries, depending on the stage).

Pierre takes care of customer orders and will tell you the exact recipe of what is needed; all you will need to do is create the order in the right arrangement of ingredients. It sounds easy, but actually pulling it off fast enough needs a bit of skill and good judgment from the part of the player.

burger island screenshot

The game also does not allow much room for mistakes. A wrong order will get tossed out and there is no way to get it back - worse, the time spent preparing it will be completely lost too. Keep this in mind when making long orders. Despite the time limits of the food (this is represented by a heat bar that will tell you if the food has become cold), players should take a few moments to review each order and make sure that they are picking up the right ingredient. Also, moving around carelessly is not a good idea, there is a good chance you might accidentally place the wrong item in an order.


This is the perfect "pick up and play" kind of game for those who want to get a quick challenge without so many details to consider in between. We recommend this title over the slower paced (yet equally busy) cooking games for the sheer feel of speed that Burger Island delivers. The only thing that takes away from this game is the fact that Burger Island 2: the Missing Ingredient is already out and delivers a significantly improved gameplay experience over the original. Even with that said; it is hard to deny that Burger Island brings a great game system that will have you addictively flipping burgers for hours. We give this game an impatient French waiter's 86/100.

Final Score: 86%

Burger Island can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.

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