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Rating: 87%

Customers have started to decrease in Patty and Pierre's once successful burger restaurant. When a rival burger spot kidnaps Tiki Guy, steals his recipes and Patty's customers, there is only one course of action to take: win everything back. We welcome back more of our favorite island-girl and her French maitre d as they take on the ever frantic challenge of Burger Island 2 the ultimate burger game. Sure, it all sounds a little confusing on paper, give the game a few minutes and you will realize how well fitted all the elements are when they come together: a brand new storyline, tight and accurate controls, nicely made graphics and of course, the unrelenting challenge of running a busy beach side burger joint.


If you are a fan of the original Burger Island game, then all your prayers have just been answered. The first game was vastly impressive with its fast paced gameplay, neat done graphics and unbelievably addictive level of difficulty. This sequel brings back all of that and so much more.

Burger Island 2: the missing Ingredient sets players up with another tiki hut food house to flip burgers and serve fries. It may seem a little mundane at first, but this game pulls out all the stops in order to bring a great burger game experience to players. From mastering the layout to quickly serving up orders, players will find themselves scrambling to check the ingredient orders and the cooking time of the food in order to serve the perfect dish. Make a single mistake and everything goes to the bin - along with a painful cash deduction as well.

Challenging as it is, Burger Island 2 game is also quite addictive, while some players might find themselves repeating certain levels, others will find the difficulty something to truly love the game for. Moving forward through the stages is rewarding in its own right, showing you how far you have gone through the game.


Just when Patty and Pierre have thought their business to be successful, customers suddenly start disappearing. The cause: a rival store that has kidnapped the Tiki Guy as well as his recipes. While this may seem like a set up for an adventure game, think again. P&P are gearing up to take back everything they lost and rescue their friend, but they will do it the only way they know how: by cooking their way to the goal.

Well, it does seem a little out of context, but the game manages to flow out in a considerably good pace. The developers deliberately gave the burger game plenty of replay value by introducing branching directions with how players can select the next stage, but this has little to no impact on the overall storyline.

For those wondering about the title, the "secret ingredient" is a reference to Patty's search for that special defining ingredient for the secret sauce that Tiki Guy uses. We will not spoil the details for you guys, but expect the ending and the revelation of the secret ingredient to be as quirky and fun as the rest of this burger game is.


We have always had a special place for games that have uniquely outstanding visual styles, and the Burger Island series certainly has managed to keep a solid spot in that category. The art fits the atmosphere of the game so well that we cannot imagine the visuals looking like anything else. In terms of actual details, Patty and Pierre are quite memorable. The character designs have retained that fine line art of the first game and added in better color palettes for the two.

Burger Island 2 game's stage design has also been revamped. Patty now gets to be seen from torso up as the player gets a full view of the curved counter-top. This makes appreciating her animations a little better. Pierre gets even more screen time as he pops out on the left and right side of the stage to grab the finished orders - he now occupies more screen space than in the first. Again, the ingredients will be laid out in certain locations on the counter, thankfully, they are well detailed so figuring out the different items is not so hard if you invest a couple of moments to study the layout.

Burger Island 2 game play

The audio for the burger game brings back more of the same style of tunes as the first: which is good news even for those who have not played the first game. The upbeat rhythm keeps pace with the flow of the game - which gets quite frantic pretty early on. Another reason for keeping your earphones on is the sound effects. Getting all the audio cues right is crucial for players who want to get the top score for each stage, just be sure to keep alert for that beep that alerts you of a 'perfect' cooked ingredient.


Like most cooking games, expect a combination of fast-paced clicking with well timed waiting as you prepare ingredients for each order. Pierre will take care of taking orders and bringing the food to the tables so all you have to mind is actually making sure each tray is filled in with the right order. Only four active orders will be available at any given time, the faster you finish them, the more orders you get to do. Only the first couple of stage will give you some breathing room in terms of game pace, freed up order slots get filled in pretty quickly early into the game.

Burger Island 2's kitchen set up is easy to master, there's a cooking area on the extreme left side of the counter, and the rest of the ingredients will be spread out on the left and right sides of the screen. Take a few seconds at the start of each stage to memorize the locations of the items since they are not arranged in any particular way.

Burger Island 2 screenshot

The money Patty earns can be used to buy new recipes. There is no need to buy new ingredients - the burger game provides those resources for you as long as you have a recipe that requires it. The advantage of new recipes is that players can get to earn more money on a single complicated order. This is where balancing choices kick in: be careful when buying a new recipe as making some is not as productive as others (you might find it easier to make four burgers with cheese than one over-complicated order). Also, the vegetarian mix orders tend to really ruin a good run, so stay away from those unless you are quite confident in your skills.


The first Burger Island game was impressive and certainly brought plenty of demand for more of the great gameplay it provided. This sequel certainly delivered and brought out so much more. Improved graphics, smoother animations, better gameplay and a pretty decent storyline back up Burger Island: the Missing Ingredient into a burger game that will be a great addition to any library. If you are looking for more of that fast paced and frantic fun that is a standard of the series, this is your best bet. We give this game a kidnapped native's 87/100.

Final Score: 87%

Burger Island 2 can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 - Download Now.

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