The Best Casual Games to Play on the Web reviewed by Fun And Games

Top Online Games

Games World

Play tonnes of casual games for free, meet people, make friends, hang out, dress to impress and look cool in the number one games world.

games world Play 90%


Keledus, the dark lord, came to power by stripping the once almighty goddess Ia of her powers. Now it's your turn to rise up and take a stand.

maestia fantasy game Review & Play 91%


Defeat the evil lord Baalon's diabolical troops and free the people from the shackles of oppression as the one and only Wonderking.

wonderking free adventure game Review & Play 80%

Food Making & Serving Games

Jessica's Cupcake Cafe

This is the ultimate cake making game for girls with stunning graphics, challenging game play & cup cakes to be baked for many different customers!

cup cake making game for girls Review & Play 90%

Cake Shop 3

Cake baking games have never been so demanding as in the world tour of Cake Shop 3 where you expand your cake store empire around the globe.

cake shop 3 game Review & Play 87%

Burger Island 2

A new unrelenting challenge of running a busy beach side burger joint awaits you in this fast and frantic burger game which offers many improvements on the original.

burger island 2 game Review & Play 87%

Burger Shop

When a mysterious mechanical blueprint appears before you, what do you do? Build it of course! And thus begins the story of Burger Shop.

burger shop game Review & Play 85%

I Saw Her Standing There

As you may have guessed from the title, I Saw Her Standing There is a boy-meets-girl kind of love story, with the one little twist of the girl being an undead zombie.

i saw her standing there game Review & Play 85%

New Download Games

Eternal Night Realm of Souls

Employ alchemy and spells as you solve intricate puzzles composed in stars, ancient hieroglyphics, and more in Eternal Night: Realm of Souls.

eternal night realm of souls Review & Play 88%

Stray Souls Doll House

Venture into a spooky town and play as a desperate house wife who is desperate to find her missing husband .

stray souls doll house Review & Play 86%

Life Quest

A quirky life simulation game that has proven a massive hit with casual game fans, pursue your life goals and dreams and become the talk of your highschool reunion.

life quest game Review & Play 90%

Nightmare on the Pacific

Live through a Nightmare on the Pacific in this exciting Hidden Object game. Put survival first and help the Brooks family make it out of the Neptune alive!

nightmare-on-the-pacific Review & Play 82%

Haunted Legends

Discover the secrets behind a magical deck of cards. Find The Countess and stop her curse before it claims another victim in this astounding Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

haunted legends queen of spades game Review & Play 78%

Shop It Up

Do you have what it take's to build and manage a successful mall that can handle customers streaming in by the hundreds? Find out in Shop It Up!

shop it up game Review & Play 87%

Dark Parable Game Series

Solve two classic mysteries in this hidden object detective series, one of which features the curse of a sleeping beauty in Scotland.

dark parable game Review & Play 85%

Stand O Food

There's a new kind of fast paced gaming action waiting for you at the Stand O Food! This perky little fast food game takes you behind the counters of one of the most peculiar food joints ever.

stand o food fast food game Review & Play 86%

More Online Games

Pokemon Tower Defense

The most accessible td game brings fans of the genre and the long-running media franchise together to enjoy something they love in one neat little title.

ptd game Review & Play 91%

Recent Impressive Games

Racing has never been so manicly fun!


In what is probably the best and most fun racing game to be released for adobe flash in 2011, Cyclomaniacs 2 is an adventure and a half and the second edition comes with an even whackier story line for good measure.

Race off into a ninja theme park and upgrade your bike to eventually get you to the lair of ninjas. Choose from over thirty characters to race with and venture into tonnes of different maps and you aim to finish first in every race whilst performing some neat stunts. Play Cyclomaniacs 2 online by Turbo Nuke Games and start racing like nutcase against countless other idiots.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Oblivion was an adventure RPG that offered a vast and rich world of pure warrior fantasy and amassed a following of millions of players. Even though Oblivion was a solo role playing game it still managed to hold it's own against the emerging market of mmo's and multiplayer console games. Skyrim will be looking to do the same when it is released in November and will no doubt prove to be another exciting adventure for elder scrolls fans.

In Skyrim you take on the role of the last dragon born human who looks to protect a world ravaged by demonic creatures and dragons. Explore a vast world of swords and magic and forge your destiny as you play in a role playing game that is kicking up quite the fuss in the RPG console community. You can expect many improvements on Oblivion as Bethesda studios looks to take the success of Fallout 3 and pump it into Skyrim.

Maestia - Fight for peace, the battle over heaven and earth begins...

maestia fantasy game online

There can be no denying that the recently reviewed Maestia by BigPoint games is one of the greatest online games we have ever reviewed at Fun And Games. For a game that is free to download and play you won't find a fantasy game like Maestia anywhere else online. Featuring a stunning 3D fantasy environment, frantic combat sequences, a mass variety of weapons and armour and an original storyline this massive multiplayer online game must be seen to be believed that it's free to play.

Review & Play Maestia.

Learn 2 Fly - How far can your flightless penguin fly?

Learn 2 Fly is a popular distance game by Light Bringer and alongside Max Games the game has enjoyed success the world over. The concept is simple, see how far you can fling your penguin off the icy slope before he hits the water. Along the way you will be able to upgrade your penguin through purchasing gliders, rockets, fuel, acceleration, ramp height and air resistance points. Play Learn 2 Fly Game and see if you can upgrade your penguin enough to make him fly high into the sky and far into the distance.